Ocpp & Nodejs

Empower your EV charging infrastructure with our OCPP 1.6 protocol-based software built on Nodejs. Monitor, control, and optimize your charging stations with ease and reliability. Take charge of your charging network like never before.

Xamarin Mobil Applications

Experience seamless EV charging with our mobile app developed using Xamarin. Access real-time data, find charging stations, and manage your charging sessions effortlessly. Power up your electric journey with our intuitive interface.

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Supply and installation

Transform your spaces into EV charging hubs with our end-to-end charging station supply and installation services. From site assessment to installation, we ensure seamless integration and high-quality solutions for your charging needs.

Applications and Services

We provide comprehensive solutions for electric vehicle charging stations through our advanced applications and services. Track your vehicle charging, locate fast charging points, and experience a secure and efficient charging journey with our mobile app. Strengthen your charging infrastructure with tailored software and services that meet your needs.

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Mobile application

Take control of your charging experience with our feature-rich mobile app.
Main features; Register , Login , Display of stations on the map , Start-end remote charge , Displaying charging information , Notifications , Profile view-edit

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Customer service software

Our software with features such as managing charging stations remotely, managing users, viewing charging operations.
Available features; Start-end remote charge , Start-end charge with Rfid card , Configuration , Availability , Remote reset , Diagnostic file upload , Trigger Message , OTA , Displaying charging information , User / Rfid card management , Device / Socket management , Display of stations on the map , Displaying Device - Server logs , Support of different language options.

Ocpp Simulator Tool

Effortlessly test and simulate your charging station connections with the OCPP Simulator Tool. Seamlessly integrate your software supporting the OCPP protocol with confidence and efficiency. Optimize your charging station connections and evaluate the performance of your software using our application.

User and Performance Tests

We provide comprehensive testing to enhance the performance and user experience of your software. Evaluate the usability and performance of your software by simulating real users. Exceed the expectations of your target audience and deliver an exceptional user experience.